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This additional 8.5-miles of roadway will be designed and constructed to accommodate growing transportation needs. South Veterans Parkway in the City of Sioux Falls will serve regional trips and preserve the function and performance of the future road system.

Starting early 2021, the plan is to proceed with the design of South Veterans Parkway, along with obtaining all necessary permits and clearances, with the goal of constructing the first segment by the end of 2023. Three additional segments for South Veterans Parkway would then be constructed over the following years until the corridor is completed.

Virtual Public Meeting: April 29 - May 29, 2021

Our virtual public meeting is closed. However, you can leave comments for our project team in the interactive map or the contact form at any time.

If you haven’t already, watch these short videos about the work that’s been completed so far and our current environmental evaluation.

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Project Schedule

Environmental, Planning & Design

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Design and Real Estate Acquisition
Segment 1 Construction
Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue
Segment 2 Construction
Interstate 29 to Western Avenue
Segment 3 Construction
Cliff Avenue to Sycamore Avenue
Segment 4 Construction
Sycamore Avenue to 57th Street

The proposed South Veterans Parkway will be a limited access six-lane roadway with a raised median separating traffic in both directions. Vehicles will be able to access the completed Parkway at signalized intersections approximately every mile.

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To enhance the experience for people biking and walking, a shared use path will be constructed along the south and east side of South Veterans Parkway. Grade-separate crossings will be added every mile to allow for safe movement across Veterans Parkway.

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Corridor connectivity
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Accommodate Public and Private Investment

Project Segments

The South Veterans Parkway project is divided into four segments. Construction of the first segment is planned to begin in 2023. Subsequent segments of South Veterans Parkway will then be constructed over the following years until the corridor is completed in its entirety, from I-29 (Tea Interchange-Exit 73) to I-90 (478th Avenue-Exit 402).

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Frequently Asked Questions

In 2020, the State of South Dakota Transportation Commission approved the plans to complete construction on the remaining 8.5 miles that make up the southern section of Veterans Parkway. The South Veterans Parkway is the final stage in connecting I-29 and I-90. The additional connecting roadway will disperse traffic and reduce congestion.

The purpose and need for South Veterans Parkway was identified in the 2003 Environmental Assessment and Supplemental Environmental Assessment. South Veterans Parkway helps meet future area transportation needs by:

  • Preparing the City of Sioux Falls to accommodate future planning and construction of other public and private infrastructure investments.
  • Preventing area transportation deficiencies that will occur if nothing is done. Potential deficiencies include gaps in the southeast region transportation system, inadequate street design, and safety, capacity, and access issues.
  • Accommodating expected traffic growth in the region.

The project will cost approximately $208.9 million.

Comments and questions can be emailed or submitted through our comment form.

This project is a partnership of the South Dakota Department of Transportation, City of Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Federal Highway Administration.

This four-year construction project is anticipated to begin in 2023. Separating construction into segments reduces the overall impact on the project area. Updates on potential impacts will be shared via social media, email, and this website, when available. Once complete, the improvements will increase traffic flow, provide more community connections, and encourage regional economic development.

Planning, designing and permitting for this project is underway. Construction of the first road segment is anticipated to be completed in 2023 and the project is anticipated to be fully completed in 2026.

The City of Sioux Falls and SDDOT followed a detailed environmental planning and public engagement process in 2003 and 2012 to determine a location, or alignment, for South Veterans Parkway. This included public meetings, website postings, mailings, newsletters, etc. Since 2012, project information has been posted on the SDDOT’s website and is included in the City’s planning documents including its Long-Range Plan and Planning and Zoning documents. Developers were aware of the location of the future South Veterans Parkway and it was identified in any information submitted to the City for zoning approvals. The location of South Veterans Parkway is based on the project purpose and needs identified in the approved environmental documents. The current environmental evaluation is focused on identifying regulatory changes or new environmental impacts that may have occurred since 2012.


document iconConstruction Schedule and Costs

View the detailed map of construction schedule and costs.

document iconCity-led Improvements

View a map of city-led improvements as part of the South Veterans Parkway project.

document icon2012 Environmental Assessment

This Environmental Assessment published in 2012 addresses design changes to the preferred alternative documented in 2003 and a revised project limits from I-29/County Road 106 Interchange to south of 26th Street. The report includes updated information about why the project is needed, options considered in earlier studies, and a summary of social, economic, and environmental impacts.

document icon2003 Environmental Assessment

This initial Environmental Assessment published in 2003 includes detailed information about why the project is needed, options considered, and a summary of social, economic, and environmental impacts.

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