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Monday, March 4, 2024

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2023 Construction Season Update

While some work will continue on Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue through the end of the year, including ongoing work on for the new bridge over 85th Street, significant construction work has been paused for the season.

Working Hours

The contractor is permitted to complete construction activities between 6 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. daily.

Detours and Closures

There are currently no detours and closures in the project area.

Construction Schedule

Segment 1: Western Avenue to Cliff Avenue

Traffic Impacts Expected in 2024

Construction work with traffic impacts will occur next year on Minnesota Avenue and Western Avenue near the new Veterans Parkway.

Western Avenue Closure: Western Avenue from 95th Street to County Road 106 (271st Street) will close beginning in the spring. The intersection at County Road 106 (271st Street) will remain open to traffic throughout the closure. The intersection at 95th Street will remain open to traffic until school is out for the summer, and then it will close. A signed detour will be in place.

Minnesota Avenue Closure: Minnesota Avenue will close at the future South Veterans Parkway intersection for a maximum of 20 days beginning in the spring. A marked detour will be in place.

This work, including earthwork, paving and landscaping, and the addition of lighting and traffic signals, will continue throughout next year.

Stay tuned to the City of Sioux Falls social media accounts and the project webpage for more information about these closures and other project information.

Further details on these traffic impacts will be shared with the public early next year.

Dirt Work

Construction projects like South Veterans Parkway are designed to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, including excavating dirt and other materials for the road bed in areas close to the project site.

  • Save time

    Hauling trucks travel shorter distances, saving time and money while minimizing impacts to the traveling public and environment.

  • Manage water

    Excavated areas also serve as future detention ponds, which mitigate potential impacts to downslope properties by holding storm water runoff and releasing it at a slower rate.

  • Reduce cost

    There are cost savings from purchasing land for excavation near the project area rather than relying on more expensive excavation areas further away.

Segment 1 Construction Quick Facts