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Check out this interactive map showing aerial images of the Veterans Parkway project area over time. Advance through and compare historic aerial images from 2002 through today.

How to read the map

The following colors represent several City of Sioux Falls growth boundaries spanning over a thirty year period. This data is part of how we plan for the future of our community. Notice that the boundaries have shifted over the years due to infrastructure investments such as sanitary sewer. This is typical for growing communities like Sioux Falls.

  • The yellow line is the future Veterans Parkway. The north segment is complete and the south segment is anticipated to be constructed in phases between 2023 and 2026.
  • The blue line is the 2015 Growth Boundary
  • The green line is the 2025 Growth Boundary
  • The dark blue line is the 2040 Growth Boundary. South Veterans Parkway is an integral part of this growth projection.